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Insightful Strategies

Marten Advisory Group provides comprehensive advocate programs, lobbying, government/legislative affairs, and consulting services to national and international clients.


We lend a hand to those structuring businesses or corporations. As a passionate consulting firm, we help with business strategies and legal issues. Our personalized approach has earned us top referrals. We go above and beyond when working for our clients and use all our experience and connections to support client causes.


Our team takes on a whole host of issues from different sectors. We offer a complete advocate program to the clients we represent. We provide advocacy services for government contracts, municipality, homeowner and condo associations, developers, contractors, and other professionals.

Government Affairs

We coordinate legislative efforts with state, local, and federal governments as well as with the media. Our team uses many different avenues on each issue and explores all available channels on our clients' behalf.


We assist clients in getting their products approved and accepted for federal contracts, as well as providing support for state, local and international contracts.

Developer Representative

We work on behalf of developers to expedite permitting, zoning, planning and design approvals for new and existing construction, as well as waiver approvals.

Development Approval

The purpose of the development approval process is as follows. The process ensures that all types of development conform to all plans, ordinances, and standards accepted by all necessary municipalities for new construction and development. The process also prescribes standards for the preparation and submission of development plans. The permission to proceed with development is called an entitlement. The development approval process is also referred to as an entitlement process.

Development approval processes vary greatly within jurisdictions based on many factors. Marten Advisory Group understands zoning and land use regulations at the local, state, regional, and federal levels, and will interface with the appropriate governmental bodies to obtain your entitlement.

Your project may require a zoning variance, waiver, and/or some type of discretionary approval. If this becomes the case, we will assist you in obtaining everything and anything that you require to begin your project.

Zoning Approval

The planning and zoning departments of municipalities have the power to grant or deny the permit evaluations and approval that you need to obtain your entitlement.

Marten Advisory Group will assist you in obtaining approvals from planning and zoning departments that are required for the issuance of a formal building permit for your project as part of the zoning pre-application process.

Zoning approval is based upon the zoning laws of the area in which the project is being constructed. Zoning approval will ensure that your project is being constructed within all the required set-backs and complies with the zoning requirements for land usage and capacities.

Zoning laws exist to eliminate cluster conditions that could otherwise occur. Although zoning is a challenge to all developers and contractors, its inception and enforcement creates the safe, well-planned communities in which we live and work.

Permit Expediting

Your project must be reviewed by specific departments within your city and county. These departments may include Building, Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM), Electrical, Elevator, Environmental, Fire, Flood Plain Management, Impact Fees, Landscaping, Mechanical, Planning, Zoning, Plumbing, Public Works, Roofing, Structural, Urban Forestry, and Water and Sewer.

Municipalities grant permits based on their interpretation of local building and zoning codes. As your permit expediter, we work with municipal staff to facilitate an understanding of codes that is favorable to you, and to the experts that you hire to complete your project.

We will monitor your permit application and track its progress, making sure there are no unnecessary delays. If your submission(s) is not reviewed within the time frame specified by the Florida Statutes, we will bring your case directly to the appropriate official(s) for swift resolution.

Marten Advisory Group is ready to handle any real estate permitting needs you may have.